About U.S. Writer for Hire

Julie, the administrator launched this site to provide the same informative, promotional SEO content she has produced for businesses since 2005.  However, she now makes articles, videos, social media quotes and infographics available for immediate download. If you also want to promote your content for immediate download, please contact her and let her know.  You can also make an appointment to discuss needs for any custom content.


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How How Julie, Your U.S. Writer Started as a Content Creator

She made her first $100 on a  creative non-fiction story published in 2004. In 2005, Julie, your U.S. Writer for Hire, took a turn in her career. At this time, she discovered the art of SEO article writing and now produces both timely and evergreen articles for businesses who needed copy for their website pages, blogs and email newsletters.

In addition, she now composes and edits text and multimedia works such as white papers, research documents and PowerPoint presentations. WordPress setup also became commonplace within client circles, so she also provides those services upon request. You can even now look out for pre-written unique content and downloadable video templates and other editable files you can use.